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Hydro Blast Plunger

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The ALL NEW Hydro Blast Plunger will clean and clear out the sink, bathtubs, and basically any other clogged up pipes and drains. It's reusable and quick to clean! It definitely saves you from having to call a plumber or buy products containing harsh chemicals.

Blast away heavy blockages of dirt, hair, and rubbish materials like oil, ice cream, soft drinks, liquors, and many more. It also comes with four(4) different size suction heads to fit your specific needs.


  • Takes advantage of high pressure to remove blockages from pipes.
  • Four(4) interchangeable heads can be used for different sizes of pipelines, washbasins, sinks, bathtubs, floor drains, squatting pans, and more.
  • Great for hard pipes, cast iron pipes, PVC pipes, and PPR pipes.
  • Not suitable for soft pipes like rubber hoses, plastic hoses, and other soft pipes.
  • Pump the handle about 15 to 25 times, secure over pipe opening, pull the trigger to release built-up pressure, and repeat several times until the blockage is removed.

Designed to function with pipe drains. Use on toilets at your own risk.

Package Contents 
1* Hydro Blast Plunger, 4* Interchangeable Heads.

* Please allow 2-3 days to process your payment.
* Due to high demand, some products may take up to 3-5 weeks to arrive.